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New Hampshire Website Design

Your Web site is often the first contact your company has with a prospective customer/client. When a visitor comes to your site, you have less than 20 seconds for your site to download completely and convince the user to stay. In our experience, we have identified several key factors involved in making a Web site design successful.

Comprehensive studies have shown that the initial, most important factor in convincing a site visitor to remain on your site is based solely on aesthetics. Your site has to look good and convey a sense of professionalism that is appropriate to your industry.

As you compare providers in your search for the right Web design company, look at their work . The only way to determine the quality you will receive is to review the work done for others. Be sure to look for a noticeable difference in designs. This implies a sufficient pool of designers to achieve a truly custom look for your company. You can be confident when working with us that your site will be unique and make your company stand out from your competition.

“There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Information”

Once you have convinced a user that your site is worth a look beyond the initial few seconds, you need to present them with information. Again, this must be done quickly or your site visitor will leave your site and seek the information elsewhere.

The site visitor will quickly scan over your page. You need a catchy headline in bold print to capture their attention. In addition, use sub headlines throughout your content to entice them to read further.

A myth within the Web design industry is that users will not read a lot of text and that a vertical scroll bar is a major design flaw. This is simply not true. If you present users with the information they are seeking in a compelling manner, they will read the content on your site.

Get to the point. Present your most compelling information first. It is a common mistake to save your best information for last and attempt to build up to a climax. The same rules used to write an effective sales letter apply to the development of effective Web content.

By keeping a few basic principles in mind, you can transform your Web site into an effective marketing tool.

Your Headline

  • Emphasize your Unique Selling Point; the benefit of working with you. What can you do that sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Pack your message with benefits, benefits and more benefits
  • Make your content as long as it needs to be, to get your whole message across
  • Emphasize your key points
  • Make it easy to contact you on every page
  • Arrange the site in a logical, easy to navigate manner
  • Tell your reader what to do, e.g., Order Now!
  • Be totally professional about absolutely everything

We will help you create a site that is professional, targeted to your market and utilizes effective marketing content to drive new leads. Our experience will help you achieve a successful Web design.